IT Development

  • Azure Web Application
  • Microsoft Partner
  • Custom site Power Pages,WordPress
  • Online store Shopify

Project management

  • Project management Consulting and Training in Agile/Scrum


  • Dashboards Power BI
  • Technological support


We are currently looking for intermediate programmers interested in Microsoft stack (.NET, Azure, etc) and Agility who want to join our team of enthusiasts!

Our advantages

100% Telework Teleworking is the norm and the office is the exception.
Wage Transparency Transparency and fairness of wages (including founders) internally.
Partial refund of your Internet Up to $500 per year of your home Internet.
Reduced week, holidays and flexible schedule Week of 37.5 hr and flexible vacation policy.
Group insurance Complete group insurance plan paid in part by the employer.
Dental insurance Self insured by employer.
Up to $1,000 (individual) and $1,500 (family) per year.
Optometry insurance Self insured by employer.
Up to $400 (individual) and $800 (family) per 24 months.
Simplified pension plan 5% of salary paid by the employer at each pay. No mandatory contribution, the plan belongs to you on day 1.
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𝛆 (Epsilon)

5th letter of the Greek alphabet. sometimes in Anglo-Saxon mathematical literature the symbol of belonging to a set...


Develop and maintain application solutions with transparency in a measurable way and without surprise for our partners who have comprehensive and long term needs.


Become THE “partner of choice” in the field of application solutions.

 Our values

Integrity, Autonomy & Collaboration

Integrity BEFORE transparency

We believe that integrity and transparency go hand in hand.
Many companies rely solely on transparency and forget that you can be transparent with bad intentions.
  • We can present figures, it’s transparent,
  • but making them say anything is not honest...
This is why integrity is our core value.

We are not Work From Home...
we are Work From Anywhere*

We're not going to force our staff to return to the office.
Besides, we don't have an office! Just an address!
A space can be reserved through our partner, if necessary.
We do not believe that teleworking is an obstacle to teamwork, collaboration or activities.
On the contrary, we benefit from reduced travel and costs.
* Your permanent place of residence must remain in Quebec and your schedule must adapt to that of your colleagues.